Sokoban Levels Design Contest Prizes

Being a puzzle themed contest, I think it is only appropriate that prizes will be puzzles themselves. So, the winners of this contest will be awarded some cool and twisty puzzle prizes. To make things simpler, and allow for personal taste, I will award HK Now Store Gift Cards, to the contest top 5 finishers. The first place will get a 300$ gift card, second place 150$ , third place 75$, finally fourth and fifth place will get 50$ each. Actually it is my son Alon, that is the cube and other twisty puzzles enthusiast, and he can provide the winners with some guidance and recommendations about spending their well earned dollars, once the contest is finished. Here is a sample of some of the more interesting puzzles:

TeraminxCuboid 4x4x6Curvy Copter 2
Eithans StarHexaminxScrambled Hexaminx