Welcome to the Sokoban Levels Design Contest


This is a contest site that is all about the classic puzzle game of Sokoban.

If you have never heard of it, and also if you have some familiarity with it, It is recommended that you look in The Sokoban Wiki where you can find a lot of useful information about Sokoban. This contest is unique however, because the goal here, is to design or generate Sokoban levels with longest possible solution given some parameter constraints. In other words instead of solving some levels as in usual Sokoban game play, you need to design levels, or write a program that does.

In order to succeed, you can use whatever methods you choose, but I assume that programming skills and computer help will be necessary in order to have good results. The concept of this competition, and the scoring system is very much inspired by Al Zimmermann's programming contests site and I am indebted to him for useful discussion and help.

The competition has finished on June 30 2015 after running for 3 months.

The task was very challenging, but the Sokoban levels designed by the winners indeed reached to new levels, never before accomplished! The Cool and twisty prizes were awarded to the winners, except one (please contact me to recive your prize Alex!). The winning levels are now published for your delectation in the podium page. Thanks for all the contestants for making the effort, I hope you enjoyed the contest,as much as I enjoyed designing it. If you are newbie here, sorry you missed the boat, but for further information and details go to the description page.

Links to Sokoban sites

The following links are recommended, because they have a lot of levels and other Sokoban related content.